McCain To Return To Senate After Undergoing Chemotherapy


Just days after undergoing his first round of chemotherapy, Arizona Sen. John McCain is expected to return to Washington next week when the Senate reconvenes.

“Senator McCain will return to the U.S. Senate next week as Congress begins a new legislative session and looks forward to continuing his work for the people of Arizona and the nation,” the Republican’s office said in a Wednesday statement.

McCain’s return gives Republicans all 52 of their senators as they debate the NDAA, the debt ceiling, a government funding extension beyond September 30th and a tax reform package. Read more at Fox News.



  1. What has McCain got to do with Republicans? Heading the RINOs together with that snake, what’s his name? Oh yah, Paul Ryan. He’s a more corrupt Democrat minister than many Democrats.

  2. Leave McCain alone. He is definitely an over ubatul. He is only there because his chevra have rachmanus on him.

    • Because republicanism doesnt equal conservative! Learn the history of the republican party! Rockefeller republicans? And it’s possible for trump to have trump democrats. In the fashion like reagen democrats!


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