McCain Says Kim Jong Il In A ‘Warm Corner In Gehennom’



Sen. John McCain says the world is better off now that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has died, and predicted the dictator would join the likes of Adolf Hitler “in a warm corner in [gehennom].”

McCain’s political colleagues, including GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, have joined the prominent and outspoken senator in saying bluntly that Kim will not be missed after decades of oppression and threatening the world with his nuclear program.

But McCain, the top-ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee who was tortured as a prisoner during the Vietnam war, didn’t pull any punches. He said, “I can only express satisfaction that the Dear Leader is joining the likes of Qaddafi, Bin Laden, Hitler, and Stalin in a warm corner of [gehennom].”

{NPR/ Newscenter}


  1. If there’s a nicer way to say it then why not? This has got nothing to do with being narrow minded it has to do with gaurding your tongue!

  2. I was once privileged to briefly teach Parshas Noach to some children in a local yeshiva ketana. To this day, I have great regrets that AFTER the school year was over and the class was gone, I discovered what would have been an exceptionally superb visual aid for the students: an excellent picture of a modern day contemporary Nimrod.

    How did I come across this picture? Well, I was privileged to spend a Shabbos at the home of one of the rabbonim in the area; at the house was a set of the World Book Encyclopedia along with a number of its year book supplements, which I looked at. I am pretty sure that it was in the volume for the year 1987 that there was an article about divided countries. In that article was a really beautiful photograph. It was of a long, marble floored hallway; its far side wall is covered with a painted mural of an endless stretch of gray mountains against a backdrop of a pinkish colored sky. In the middle of the hall just inches off of the wall mural stands a huge — rising several feet above the peaks of the mountains in the mural — a huge white stone replica of a cube shaped fancy padded arm-chair. In the large white stone arm-chair is sitting a large white stone statue replica of Kim Il Sung, the pernicious leader of North Korea. (The same man who in a few years would be boasting that he was going to turn the capital city of South Korea “into a ‘sea of fire’!!”)

    Yep! It was just beautiful! There was no need for a caption on it, for it itself clearly projected its own caption:


    Again, as this was the year 1986-87, this super masterpiece of art was of Kim Il Sung. It well looks like his son, Kim Jong Il, in his own way, did an extremely excellent job of being M’Maleh Makom of his father. Now, the question will be how thorough of a job will the new successor grandson, called Kim Jong Un, do in carrying on the wicked legacy.

  3. #2, who said —- is not a nicer way? Its the English translation, if you can say geheinoim in hebrew , why cant you say hell in English?

  4. to #5 Are you Jewish? How can you say that whatever you can say in Lashon Hakodesh can be said in english just the same? Are trying to say that Lashon Hakodesh is equal to any other language?


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