McCain Calls Arizona Execution ‘Torture’


john-mccainSenator John McCain called the two-hour execution of a death row inmate in his home state “torture.” Joseph R. Wood III’s drawn-out lethal injection left him gasping for air, according to those on the scene in Arizona on Wednesday.

“I believe in the death penalty for certain crimes. But that is not an acceptable way of carrying it out. And people who were responsible should be held responsible,” said McCain, who was tortured for years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer expressed concern with the length of the execution, but said “justice was carried out.” Read more at The Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. dear Mr McCain

    the murderer who killed this two people is he the one we should have mercy ?? wow he was tortured! weren’t his victims tortured ???
    doesn’t he deserve to be tortured ???

  2. sorry Moses, this is inexcusable. He was a murderer? (I hope he was, given what US courts are like). Shoot him dead. But something like that? For two hours? Had it been a dog, oh the outrage.

  3. When the Gemarra ask how misa besayaf was done, from the back or front of the neck, the Gemarra states that obviously from the front where the death would not be protracted, because this is what the mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel requires [when executing someone who bais din found guilty of a capital crime]. This is in addition to the fact that they would me mshaker the person so he would feel less pain.


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