McCain Attacks Kerry: ‘On What Planet Does He Reside?’


mccain-kerrySen. John McCain has condemned Secretary of State John Kerry for comparing global warming to terrorism and calling it “the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction,” The Hill reported.

In an interview on Phoenix radio station KFYI’s “The Mike Broomhead Show,” the Arizona Republican said Kerry should be concentrating on the Middle East crisis instead of giving talks in Indonesia on global warming.

“Why should he talk about climate change when we’ve got” 130,000 people in Syria killed, said McCain, adding that “the Iran-U.S. talks are obviously a joke, and the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations haven’t even begun.”

McCain added, “So he has to go over to Asia and talk about climate change and say it’s the most important issue. Hello? On what planet does he reside?”

Read more at Newsmax.

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  1. Kerry needs to stop traveling to the Middle East and Japan and return to his home state of Massachusetts-he’ll see there’s no global warming. Maybe I should send him my heating bill.

  2. He wants the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations to begin? This is what McCain said on April 23, 2002, he said that “no American leader should be expected to sell a false peace to our ally, consider Israel’s right to self-defense less legitimate than ours, or insist that Israel negotiate a political settlement while terrorism remains the Palestinians’ preferred bargaining tool.

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