Mazel Tov to Oorah! It’s a Girl…Alpaca!


oorah-camelIt’s smaller than a llama and looks somewhat like a large goat with a camel’s head and neck. But what in the world is an alpaca doing at Oorah’s kiruv camp?Answer: Making children smile.

The boys and girls who attend Oorah’s poplar Zone camps in upstate New York are asked to give up boyfriends and girlfriends, TV and movies, rock music and the internet for a summer of learning and davening, kosherous and Shabbosim. So Oorah also gives them every bit of available kosher fun… and one of the camps’ most popular attractions are the many animals that freely roam the camp grounds. Kids love to interact with them-to help care for them see their babies born.

Unfortunately, this little alpaca was in no rush to be born and didn’t arrive until this week. Mazel Tov mommy alpaca! Mazel tov Oorah!

{ Newscenter}


  1. Mazel Tov! What’s her name? Was the mother in Boy Zone or Girl Zone. Probably Boy Zone. You know what it says in Chazal, bas techilah siman yafeh l’Bonim…..

  2. Especially on the long shabosim, when they can’t even use their cell phones and all other electrinical games! THis was a smart idea!!!!


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