Watch: Mayor of Newark Blasts WH For Targeting Sanctuary Cities




  1. how can anyone, especially a mayor, approve of such a concept as a “sanctuary” city? it’s as if i would say to you, ‘oh, you robbed a bank? no problem, come to my sanctuary city and you can hide there’. coming in to the US illegally means that a crime was committed and there should be no option to run to a sanctuary city to hide!

  2. Newark, NJ is one of the most crime ridden cities in the US. I guess the best way to lower crime is to provide safe haven for criminals. It’s mind boggling that the Newark residents don’t throw this idiot out on his tuchus.

  3. Keep voting for Idiot DemocRats. This is what you get.
    The Idiots who vote this way are just as stupid if not stupider.


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