Mayor De Blasio Dodges Traffic Controversy, Heads For Pennsylvania


bill-deblasioFirst he fled a news conference, now Mayor Bill de Blasio has left New York City all together.

Mayor de Blasio is spending the weekend in Pennsylvania and is still refusing to answer questions after CBS 2 recorded exclusive video of his security detail breaking traffic laws.

The mayor was apparently in no mood to answer questions about the incident at a press conference on Friday.

Those who watch drivers race through stops signs in the same neighborhood where de Blasio’s motorcade was spotted said they’re frustrated the city’s top boss can’t at least set a good example. Read more at CBS 2.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Its time for DeBlasio to leave his ivory tower. For all I care, he can stay in PA! He claimed he was going to be for the little guy. It turns out, he lied & should come clean & say, I’m a selfish person & don’t care about you.


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