Mayor de Blasio Catches Heat For Calling Snow Day Monday After Weak Snowfall

New York City kids rejoiced when Mayor de Blasio announced schools would close Monday because of a coming blizzard — but plenty of parents were hardly thrilled by the unexpected snow day, the NY Daily News reports.
The National Weather Service initially projected six to eight inches of snow would blanket the five boroughs. But when the city awoke on Monday morning, residents found just a couple inches of accumulation — leaving parents across the city scrambling for child care and angry at de Blasio for being overly cautious.
De Blasio defended his decision on Monday morning, writing on Twitter that the forecast projected more snow and less rain.
Read more at NY DAILY NEWS.


  1. That’s because Big Bird is part of the fake news establishment. Same thing with that stinky slimy Cuomo in Albany.
    B”H, my kids Yeshivos were open yesterday, YOB & Chaim Berlin.

  2. While I walked to school during an ice storm that put 3 inches of ice on the ground and coated trees, branches falling, during the Koch administration, I don’t blame the Mayor for playing it safe.

  3. I can’t stand de Blasio, but he did nothing wrong whatsoever in this case. Based on predictions of 6-8 inches of snow, closing the schools was exactly the right choice. Had he waited until Monday morning to decide, parents would’ve been frantically scrambling if the schools were actually closed, so the decision needed to be made the night before. Bottom line – it was the correct decision based on the information available.

    • except that the prediction was 3-6 for the city on up. Most of the city, brooklyn Queens etc were predicted to get exactly what they got, a rain snow mush and a few inches. only maybe the bronx was predicted to get the 6 inches and all the forecasts said that it would be over by 7 giving most people time to dig out. I don’t know where he got his forecast but he definitely was too pre emptive. I am usually the one arguing that they should close but this one was ridiculous!

      • Not on the site I checked. Site has a default NYC location of 10017, which is in Manhattan. Initially their prediction was 3-6 inches as the most likely amount, but it was revised upward to the higher numbers by Sunday. The forecast was that the heaviest snowfall would be from 9:00 PM Sunday to 3:00 AM Monday.

        I used to use but has a better track record for accuracy.

  4. “leaving parents across the city scrambling for child care”

    I dont follow
    If they were told the day before why were they scrambling the day of?


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