Mayor: Christie Made Ultimatum


chris-christie1The Democratic mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey says Chris Christie himself ordered aid for Superstorm Sandy to be ransomed in exchange for her support of a private business development. Dawn Zimmer said today the message was delievered by the lieutanant governor, who told her, “This was a direct message from the governor.”

Zimmer said she requested $100 million and was given $142,000. Christie’s office ripped her: “It’s very clear partisan politics are at play here as Democratic mayors with a political axe to grind come out of the woodwork and try to get their faces on television.” Read more at ABC News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Simple Politics
    Kill him when he’s dead!
    She only opened her mouth when his chips were down! Same with the Sandy investigation! It’s much ado about nothing! The Dems are desperate to get their HillBilly in! She can’t get in on her own merit so you’ve gotta kill the opponent! Sound familiar! typical Dem methodology! Remember Romney’s dog on the roof of his car??


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