Mayor Bloomberg Wants Red Light Cameras On Every Corner


bloombergNew York City red light cameras generated more than one million summonses last year, translating into nearly $53 million dollars in revenue for the cash-strapped city.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is clearly a fan of the devices.

“I think we should have them on every corner if we could. Using technology instead of having cops makes a lot of sense,” said Bloomberg on money.

A reporter pointed out that when people realize where the cameras are, they will stop and not run those lights and the number of summonses, and therefore the amount of revenue, would drop.

The mayor replied saying, “But if you know that there’s a red light camera there and you stop rather than running through the light, isn’t that what we’d like?”

Bloomberg also suggested publishing in the newspaper a list of those caught on the cameras and a list of lawmakers that keep the city from installing the technology.

The $50 tickets and a photo that clearly shows the license plate and the car crossing the intersection are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Red light cameras were first installed in New York City in 2007. The city currently has 150 cameras citywide.

The DOT also is seeking approval from the state Legislature to install cameras that would catch motorists who exceed the city’s 30 mph speed limit. Speed cameras are already in wide use in places such as England.

{WCBS 880 AM Radio/ Newscenter}


  1. how will the ex-employed stay afloat financially as society replaces toll-collectors, police, conductors, and train engineers with machines? librarians and cashiers (been into a CVS recently) with scanners? it’s an abomination. we have examples of rabbonim davka waiting on long lines to show kovod to a person over a machine.

  2. How many accidents are caused by people braking sharply at corners with cameras?! Now they’ll be causing accidents at every corner ch”v!

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