Mayor Bloomberg Officiates At Same-Gender Wedding Of Two Staff Members


bloombergMayor Michael Bloomberg “married” two members of his staff in a same-gender ceremony at Gracie Mansion last night.

Bloomberg’s Consumer Affairs Commissioner and Criminal Justice Coordinator, two males, were “married.” They are both irreligious Jews, as is Bloomberg.

“Today in this city and in this state, history takes an important step forward by allowing every person to participate,” Bloomberg said.

New York became the sixth and largest state to recognize same-gender marriage Sunday.

A record 659 marriage licenses were issued in New York City Sunday, and 484 were married by state judges who waived the mandatory 24-hour waiting period.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. What a Rasha Merusha! What a Chillul Hashem! What are the other Nations going to say?! Aren’t we supposed to be a light onto the Nations?

  2. Bloomberg, you are a ‘shande’ to the Jewish nation. Your actions are despicable and ignominious. Re-think your actions because you are bringing havoc on NY through igniting G-D’s wrath.

  3. This is a repeat of history! Sodom and Gomorra the Babilonians Persians Greeks Macedonians Roman etc etc this inmorality is the destroyer of sane societies. From this point on…we will see how quickly our society will fall into nihilism.

    its amazing! in the world today regular cuples live with no regard to marriage and divorce quickly those that do….now suddenly this inmoral creatures advocate for the “importance of marriage”? its all a fake!

    We klal Yisroel are the last line of defence
    because we believe in absolute values than time can’t change. we must not get used to hearing this things and must protest with all our power and capasity. Another Yid acting in public chilul Hashem (such as the Mayor R”L)
    makes the task even more painful and difficult.

  4. boomslang……Could you quote a Torah source to this “principal” in context please?
    do you have any idea of the implications and consecuences of this new reality?

  5. WHY, why is this recognized on a frum site; who cares?!
    & to # 12, majority of people reading this site do not acknowledge this tumah;
    we live our lives by the Jewish laws which clearly & precisely prohibits this disgusting way of life; you’re right; “Tolerance clearly has no place here”…shame on you; hope I didn’t touch a raw nerve.

  6. posting such chilulay hashem shows the world that we get involved in such immoral acts as yidden we should not have this posted and posting this is a big chilul hashem

  7. live and let live is not a Jewish attitude,this attitude creates an egel and brings destruction.

    A zchus that rome had was that they never wrote kesubos to men, the goyim are loosing the zchusim and moshiach is at the door.

  8. Tolerance? Show me 1 single instance of tolerance in Torah that went without punishment. There are none. Sodom, Gemorrah, Midian (Pinchas), the Mabul, Shaul HaMelech and Amalek, and on and on. Judaism is a very INTOLERANT religion. The notion of live and let live is not a Jewish one, it’s a goyishe American liberal notion that we must fight with every ounce of energy.

  9. #4 this DOES belong on a Jewish, religious site as a lesson. This is what WE get when all that’s on our minds when we vote is gelt, gelt, gelt.

  10. Par for the course for Bloomberg! He’s usually on the side of the ‘wrong’.
    Now we have to pray that Hashem will not unleash His anger because of the consequences that are associated with this newly enacted reality. If anything proves that we’re in chevlei Moshiach, this does.

  11. Mr. Mayor, I want my vote back. There were fear tactics applied to remind Jews not to vote for the other candidate, who was black. Shades of David Dinkins. I’m making up my own mind next time, even if I wind up voting for Elmer Fudd.

  12. Bloomberg is obviously doing this to bring in money for the cash strapped city. There is no regard for the sanctity of marriage among these people therefore they decide to break down society by this abomination and perverted lifestyle!
    Just 50 years ago same gender lifestyle were labled as psychosis and a mental disorder among psychologist.Now they are taking those pervision and publicly displaying their derangement.

  13. To #15 et al – it is important to report this. The chillul Hashem is that we Jews still vote for these reshaim because of the money they offer thus we have a chelek in this rishus. We should have gone out and protested and told these politicians that we wont vote for them again and send a message. This is our fault if we voted for bloomberg, cuomo, silver, weprin, or any of these others cv RL


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