Maxine Waters’ Office Receives Package Labeled ‘Anne Thrax’


A suspicious package addressed to “Anne Thrax” was placed at the South Los Angeles district office of Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., on Tuesday afternoon, fire officials said.

The anthrax scare prompted officials to evacuate Waters’ field office, the Los Angeles Fire Department said.

The HazMat crew said the package was safe, but the LAPD’s Major Crimes Division took over the investigation and referred it to the FBI, the report said. No injuries were reported.
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  1. Karma jumped back at her and bit her in the rear. Love it.
    As always, with Dems, one has to think that they themselves set it up in order to become the VICTIM.

  2. It’s ok, they are just making sure no one in her office can eat in peace, or go on with their daily lives. Just like she wanted.


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