Launches New Site

15 is proud to present its new website, which will further enhance the news and information that we provide each day to our readers. was founded less than a year ago and has grown faster than any Jewish news site of its kind on the Web. With the encouragement of numerous askanim, embarked on the endeavor to provide a kosher news website that would be enjoyable, informative and entertaining, but free of objectionable material, lashon hara and the like.

We are now proud to present the new site, which is being powered and hosted by the J-net, the largest Jewish filtered internet provider, which itself services over 10,000 users and is comprised of a staff of numerous technicians. The Jnet has been a trailblazer in the filtered internet field, introducing image filters and other technological advances that have been greeted very positively by thousands of frum online users. We take great pride in working together with the Jnet.

We hope you enjoy the new site and pledge to continue to provide unique and intriguing news, analysis and entertainment while staying true to our hashkafos and principles.

Look out for some very special and exclusive features this coming week – and in the future as well – as begin a new phase in its role as The Online Voice of Torah Jewry.

Thank you.

The Worldwide Staff Team


  1. Whoa! Good Job!! My family has been eagerly awaiting this day since we heard you were “renovating”. Keep up the good work and the funny video clips.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful layout. I especially appreciate that the print is still big and we don’t have to squint to read the words. Best of all, with this new format, you can continue to give us the true yeshiva world news untainted by personal injections al pi true daas torah. Hatzlocha Raba!

  3. ywn has a story that maran went to the hospital. WHERE IS THE NEW MATZAV.COM??? responds:
    Thank you YW Editor for your comment. We here at endeavor to provide full news reports and analysis and prefer full reporting over reactionary reporting. We will provide details of Maran Harav Elyashiv’s condition as they become available.

    Thanks for reading We hope you enjoy the site.

  4. Dear Mr. YWN,
    A little class is in order. Thanks for proving my point above. Finally, we have a site that’s run by mature bnei torah and not one that caters to every group and whim in order to make a buck. I trust that Matzav will not be another launching pad for Chabad.

  5. Firstly, see

    I agree with Excellent! we should be thankful to Matzav who will give us the news without the kefira and the immaturity. What scares me even more is the fact that certain people yield so much power in the first place. Now that’s truly scary……

    Good luck, Matzav.

  6. yw,

    Maybe you would be able to elaborate on why its Maran HoRav Ovadia Shelita and just Moran Elyashiv. Does it have anything to do with Yeshivisha affiliation?

    Much success and thanks to Matzav.

  7. Thank you to both Matzav AND YWN for excellent, frum reporting. The market can bear more than one “primary” site, and multiple sources are healthy.


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