Storobin Up By 38 Votes in Ongoing Recount


david-storobinRepublican David Storobin’s lead over Democrat Lew Fidler in a special election for State Senate in Brooklyn went from 120 last night to just 38 this afternoon, has learned. The number is based an ongoing recount of votes cast on electronic machines in yesterday’s special election.

With 159 of 162 precincts recounted, Storobin had 10,260 votes, while Fidler garnered 10,222.

A source with direct knowledge of the recount said election officials are currently “waiting for five memory sticks” from voting machines used in yesterday’s election. There are also ober 700 paper ballots yet to be counted.

At his campaign party last night, Fidler told his supporters that Democrats had a 5:1 party-enrollment advantage in the paper ballots and “that’s why we are so confident.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Who cares about these crazy elections
    Will it stop our miserable life in NYC ?
    Will they lower property taxes?
    Will they abolish the crazy crazy ticketing situation ?
    The hounding of sanitation dept
    And cops running around all day looking for cars to ticket?
    Will they lower the tolls on bridges?it gets higher and higher!!!
    Will they reign in con Ed , which has the highest rates in the nation?
    Will they control these mad mad food inspectors?Who fine owners so much that it’s not worth staying open?!?!
    People we can go on &on;
    If we show that we only vote if we get the real stuff that counts
    Then maybe maybe we can have a normal life
    In this city
    Because a politician is eating cake on a silver platter in some rabbis house doesnt mean he is good. You have to listen to rabbonim that care and really feel our pain  

  2. Storobin is now up by 143 votes acording to the NY Slimes which in 2 articles gave credit to Orthodox Jews for voting against toaviva marriage. BH we were able to make a KH by ignoring the likes of certain activists and politicians and voting al pi hatorah.

  3. Dov, # 4, Except for your last line which I didn’t care for, you bring up excellent, excellent excellent points! There is so much taking advantage of the citizens of our city it’s not normal. Consider Bloomberg’s answer when asked asked about ticketing issue, “Well the city needs the money, you know!” It’s so, so frustrating! Aren’t the elected officials supposed to be OUR REPRESENTATIVES and they PUBLIC SERVANTS??? It seems the rolls been reversed?

  4. To #4 Dov: hey man, I feel your pain. We’re all in the same boat! The first thing we must do is get rid of the eligitimate Mayor, Lord Mike & Kelly! They are the ones responsible for the “Gotcha” mentality that pervades all City agency’s! Term limits must be imposed

  5. To Matzav: Why are you such immature baby’s that you had to edit out some very important nekudos I mentioned regarding Mike Bloomberg & Ray Kelly?! Are you now covering up for them also? Oh right, what do you know about the real world of NYC politics?!


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