Matzav Special: We Have Your Perfect Summer Vacation


bumble-bee-niagara-vacation[Link here and below.] “So where are you going?”

That seems to be the prevailing question today, as mothers tend to post-Tisha B’Av laundry and fathers begin to formulate plans for a well-deserved family summer trip. The annual summer trip, for those privileged to be able to take them, is a wonderful time for family bonding and relaxation. But every year, so many people wonder: Where can we find the perfect place that combines great entertainment, the ultimate relaxation, with every amenity imaginable, including delicious kosher food, minyanim, and top-notch accommodations?

Bumble Bee Tours has the answer for you.

Renowned for its professionalism and its phenomenal tours and vacation programs, Bumble Bee has arranged a remarkable mystic summer vacation at Niagara Falls exclusively for the frum community. Whether you are a rebbi or teacher with time off, a kollel family with bein hazemanim ahead of you, a working family with some precious time to spend with the kids, this vacation is for you – and, best of all, it is more affordable than you can imagine.

Next week, August 14 to August 21, Bumble Bee has arranged for exclusive use of the luxurious four-star Holiday Inn and Parkway Hotel, which just completed a multi-million-dollar expansion and renovation. This writer has seen it and, let me tell you, it is absolutely stunning. As you are enjoying the beautiful hotel and surroundings, you will be treated to five-course meals catered by Nesher Fine Foods. The succulent and mouth-watering meals, three times a day, are reason enough for you to join this fantastic program.

The hotel is just ten minutes from Niagara Falls and boasts a lavish tea room, daily minyanim, day camp and babysitting, and separate swimming hours.

Bumble Bee Tours will provide you with a list of dozens of attraction that you can partake of, rounding out what will be an unforgettable trip for you and your family. With gourmet food, day camp, babysitting and everything else you’ll need, you have just one job: to relax and enjoy.

A wonderful group of people have already made reservations for this one-of-a-kind vacation, and a limited number of reservations remain available for readers. To take advantage now, click here or call 212-444-9940.

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  1. The most convincing post Iv’e read yet.
    Thank you Matziv 4 bringing such relevant, important news out! Signned up- done.

  2. We are on the Canadian side (in St. Catharines) approx 10 minute (driving) to the falls.

    we charge $350 per night for 2 adults in the room.
    Minimum 3 Nights stay.
    When staying over Shabbos a surcharge of $100 applies (waived for stays of 7 nights or more).


  3. Our rate includes:

    3 Gourmet meals daily
    24 HR fully Stocked Tea Room
    Daily Minyonim
    Kids Play Room & Day Camp
    Separate Hours for the Pool, Sauna, Jaccuzzi & Fitness Center
    Shabbos Entertainment by Shira Choir & Berry Weber
    Motzei Shabbos Kumzits with music.
    Discounts to Attractions

    Also available onsite Babysitting and Bowling (Fee applies).

  4. I went on one of their private tours last year & was blown away with their food menus! Was totally expecting just typical hotel food, waaay more than I expected! And their personal service to make sure we were all comfortable was above & beyond what I’ve experienced with other hotel getaways… Looking forward to this tour 🙂

  5. “The hotel is just ten minutes from Niagara Falls”, but not AT Niagara Falls.

    Is that ten minutes walking time, ten minutes by car, or what?

  6. Don’t worry about price, closeness to falls, hechsher, entertainment (Maybe a mussar shmooze),
    just sign up like me. If reputable Matziv posted this, you should know enough to trust it blindly.


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