Matzav Shmooze: Selfish Anti Vaxxers Could Have Killed My Baby


Dear Matzav Shmooze,

We recently went to Columbia Hospital with a baby who was seriously ill and the first question as we walked through the door was not what emergency we have but what zip code we live in.

The staff then stopped us in the hallway made us put on masks and wait for the whole ER staff to get masks on. The 3 EMT’S and two parents were treated like contaminated people from a 3rd world country rushed into a isolation room before being asked why we are here  – thank God we had a stable patient.

I’m not blaming the hospital and I’m not even sure who to blame but it was a very uncomfortable experience. I’m pretty sure that a non Jewish EMS unit would not be asked what zip code they are coming from.

So before you go in front of a camera and somehow try to turn your anti vaxxers agenda into a religious thing or Jewish issue think about the unstable baby coming into the hospital and treatment being delayed because of your actions .This is no joke, you are putting kids life’s in danger because of your selfishness.



  1. Selfish is the wrong word because objectively these fools aren’t looking out for their own welfare, either. They are captive to a counter-cultural mania fueled by ego.

    • Dear Babon, name one child lost to contemporary measles vaccine. Bring name, location, date of death, source of information. If you can’t, then don’t embarrass yourself with antivaxer idiocy.

        • Dear Dishonest Abe, judging from your use of word “never”, you may be one of them. So you see, it is antivaxers like you who are autistic, you marijuana-smoking idiots.

      • According to vaers – the government – there are over a hundred.

        According to Congress vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”).

        According to the Ottowa Hospital Research institute study 1 out of 168 babies had to hospitalized within 4 days of getting the MMR vaccine. Several of the babies in this study died.

        And finally, Mercks package insert for the MMR lists death as a possible side effect.

        But Abe needs a name….

  2. Ok I’ll do that thanks for this brilliant article, before I’m not going to vax I’ll think of a baby going in to an emergency room.

    • Dear Smallbrains, don’t vax to your little heart’s content; just move to San Francisco or something – away from our community.

    • No you won’t
      if you hate your baby so much that you are hoping it catches a preventable disease, thinking f other babies won’t stop you .

  3. I would suggest the parents sue the hospital for negligence and discrimination. Their actions could have caused their child to suffer unnecessary complications and/or death c”v.

  4. “All models of Rock ‘n Play Sleepers by Fisher-Price are being recalled after reports of infant fatalities occurring while using the product.”

    30 infants died using these types of sleepers. How many infants died from the measles??? How many from the Frum community??? Stop with all the hysteria. Stop causing panic amongst the gullible sheeple.

  5. Sara Stern formerly from Williamsburg now lives on Healy Ave Queens , Bayswater NY stop the anti vaccine propaganda. You are putting Jewish lives at risk, you are not a medical doctor , you are endangering lives.

    • This is not Communist Russia. Forced vaccination is unconstitutional an certainly not Jewish. Just chill out. Don’t allow big pharma and the cdc cause you to make a decision you c’v may regret later.

  6. There is nothing to say to anti waxxers. You can’t appeal to their better nature compassion logic or anything else. They are so blinded by their ignorance and outsize ego that nothing any one will say including Daas Torah will change their warped minds.

    The only thing the community can do is to take every counter measure possible to contain the damage and Chillul Hashem they cause. This should include vocal and public opposition not just in our communities but in the wider outside world.

  7. I wonder why those who are upset with anti-vaxxers do not post studies/statistics/links to support their side. They just say we need to follow what the medical profession says. Is it not true that the doctors were taught only one thing in medical school: follow the CDC vaccine schedule? If there is a doctor reading this who was taught more than that, please let us all know.

    Many pediatricians who were practicing for awhile and noticed that their young patients were getting sick with all kinds of autoimmune disorders and autism did their own research into vaccines, and thus became wary of them. (some examples: Dr Bob Sears, Dr. Paul Thomas, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Richard Moskowitz, and here are more doctors: )

    For those of you from the older generation, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn was way ahead of his time and warned that vaccines were dangerous:

    On the other hand, those who are posting about possible dangers of vaccines, many times have studies/statistics/links to cite. It is because they are doing their own research and not relying on the medical profession. They know that sometimes the medical profession is proved wrong (e.g. DES, thalidomide, and cigarettes, which doctors considered safe).

    On that note, here is an interesting link with many medical studies on the shedding issue of vaccines:

    Bottom line – the science is not settled when it comes to vaccines.

  8. Vaxxers are first class fools. Instead of suing their doctors, the CDC and Big Pharma if their adult child comes down with the measles after being injected with the (dangerous) vaccinations, they blame the anti-vaxxers. Nuts! Shouldn’t the vaccinations be 100% foolproof even when exposed to someone with measles? This is the Health Dept’s propaganda which vaxxers are buying foolishly without a % of common sense. They want you to blame the anti-vaxxers instead of their junky unreliable vaccine which only postpones the disease to older age when it’s much more risky and unsafe. With vaccinations, not only does one not get life immunity, one has to be careful not to be exposed to measles for the rest of their lives, lose all immunity and come down with all kinds of allergies, and whatnot. Parents should be charged for injecting their children with junky vaccine.

    When will vaxxers wake up and realize that they’re being brainwashed by the Health Dept?

  9. It amazes me how matzah continues to print the propaganda from these anti Vaxxers.Makes me wonder they are probably anti Vaxxers themselves.

  10. Maybe the letter writer could’ve been more clear, but she wasn’t calling every parent who decides not to vaccinate, selfish. She was blaming those outspoken Anti-Vaxxers who got interviewed by the media and publicly espouse their Anti-Vax crusade as (either overtly or by association) being related to their being Jewish and Orthodox.

    You don’t want to vaccinate, don’t. But why do some feel a need to become the Orthodox community’s face in the media… tooting the Anti-Vaxx horn to the general public? Do what you want, no need to make a ruckus and a Chilul Hashem to boot.

  11. To anti-vaxxers: We should all stop getting the MMR, and for that matter all other vaccines, and get the disease like they did not so long ago? We should all infect each other and take the risk of having our precious babies, elderly and those with comprised immune systems getting very sick and die from the diseases? Theses diseases are not eradicated from the world and we will get sick from them without out any prevention.

  12. Don’t vaccinate your kids if you don’t want too. they will all grow up to be chain smokers or gorge themselves on all the kosher food available today and be massively overweight those are what will kill more than a vaccine.
    Hashem gave the refuah…trust in HIM… trust also means that if Hashem wants a specific child to be autistic that child will be autistic regardless if he was vaccinated or not.
    Anti vaxxers who use religion as their excuse have their trust in studies , articles by drs and other anti vaxxers who brought a disease that was eradicated in this country ,back and are allowing it to spread to their friends and family and even strangers, when Hashem was kind enough to put the idea for a vaccine into the mind of Dr Enders who invented it.

    • Wrong! G-d gave us a refuah before the maka: natural immunity. Years ago before big pharmaceuticals pushed their non effective and unsafe vaccines, children got the disease and developed a strong immunity against it. I got the measles as well as my siblings and friends. Bh, we are healthy and never ever have to be injected with toxins.

  13. These back and forth discussions might have made sense ten months ago. No more. The reality on the ground is as clear as a blue sky on a cloudless day – not vaccinating is wrong. Period. I know a woman who knew someone in Yerushalayim about ten years ago who contracted polio – yes, polio! because they didn’t vaxxer. The arguments not to vaxx are childish, immature and honestly hard to fathom.

  14. Let’s take up arms and take out all the rodfim. Let’s be like the leviyim after chet ha’egel. Who’s going to be first?
    If not, you’re all phonies.

  15. Dear Antivaxers, you morons are incapable of an intellectual conversation; all you can do is scream and lie, while being complete ignoramuses in science and halacha. Guess all your smoking of “medicinal” marijuana short-circuited your little brains.

  16. Dear Russian Mig airplane, hospital was protecting other patients, and cannot be sued. On the other hand, you idiotic antivaxers can and should be.

  17. I vaccinated all of my children. To the best of my knowledge, all of my grandchildren are vaccinated as well. That said, I can hear that for some people, vaccinating is a real risk. For arguments’ sake, let’s say that each side has a claim and for the moment, we won’t judge which claim is stronger. Measles can be very dangerous and cause fatalities especially in people with compromised immune systems; injecting the measles vaccine can have negative affects on people whose immune systems do not react well to them. I personally know of a child who had the measle as a two year old, and 7 years later the dormant virus awakened, attacked his nervous system causing frequent convulsions, retardation and eventually killed him after four years of suffering. There are others who claim that the measles vaccine caused various other types of damage. So again, let’s put aside the comparative risk levels in order to focus on a new risk that we all need to take into account: the negative affect that is endangering our community that is currently being labeled as irresponsible and a menace to society. The medical professional as well as the public – both Jewish and gentile – overwhelmingly take the stance that vaccinations are imperitive, risks notwithstanding. Most rabbonim take this stance as well. Taking into account the possible risks, they feel that the public benefit far outweighs the risks and therefore are taking steps to protect the public – barring unvaccinated children from school, etc. As the above piece indicates, being the anti-vaxxers have become identified with the frum community, by dint of the disproportionate cases of measles being diagnosed in large frum communities and even more – people daring to speak in the name of all frum people as if vaccinations somehow compromise freedom of religion – the entire frum population and not only anti vaxxers – are being treated as pariahs in order to protect the general public. You can claim “freedom of choice” but don’t dare say “religious freedom” which has caused a tremendous chillul Hashem. You are endangering your own and all of our lives by causing delays in emergency treatment. You can yell “anti-Semitism”, you can say that the hospitals are in cahoots with Big Pharma, but all that does not change what’s happening. You are causing great harm to the klal, yourselves included.

  18. Let’s go back to the vaccine, and insist that the producers seriously work on improving the vaccines, something they haven’t done basically since they were innovated, decades ago, and the problem will be solved. No one will be afraid to vaccinate so there will be 100% compliance!

  19. Wow. So much hate. Oy. If you feel this is too important to sit quietly and watch… ask Daas Torah and then get up and do something. Sitting behind your computer screen and shouting is not going to accomplish anything good.


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