Matzav Report: 3 Frum Optical Stores Purchase Chazon Ish’s Glasses


The Jerusalem of Gold auction house recently auctioned off a pair of eyeglasses said to have belonged to the Chazon Ish, who was niftar in 1953. has learned that the glasses were purchased by three optical stores in three different cities that partnered to by the glasses, which the auction house called “Shabbos spectacles” that were designed to be worn “very close to the head in order to solve the problem of going out with them on Shabbos.”

The three stores that bought the glasses are Vista Optical Israel, located at Eli Hakohein 18 in Yerushalayim; Greater Optics, located at 4820 14th Avenue in Boro Park, Brooklyn; and Gefen Optical, located at 6780 Route 9 in Lakewood, NJ. spoke to Yaakov Fuchs of Greater Optics, who was excited about the purchase and told that “the glasses will soon be displayed for public view in all three locations at different times.”

chazon-ish-glasses greater-optics vista-store
{CB Newscenter}


  1. The top picture, I recognize as being Greater Optics. Which stores are pictured in #2 & 3? Which is Lakewood and which one is Israel?

    • According to the story, the Chazon Ish gave the glasses to a needy person as a gift. The Yorshim of this needy person were the ones who put it up for sale.

  2. There are at least 3 bookstores that sell gemorahs like he one the chazon ish learned from, and there are at least 3 stores that sell bottles of grape juice like the chazon ish made kiddysh over .


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