Matzav and Nativ Team Up to Offer Kosher Internet Experience

7, since its inception, has been leading the effort to provide a kosher internet experience for frum Jews around the globe. Now, has teamed with Nativ USA, an organization owned by the well-known askan Rabbi Zeev Rothschild, to present a special offer to all Matzav readers.

This week, Nativ launched a new most powerful internet cleanser. “This program has many new features and can truly clean up any site to allow it to be used in a Torahdike way,” a Nativ representative explains. “As a special bonus Rabbi Rothschild is offering all Matzav readers two months free to try and test this program, with no obligations at all.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity,” remarked Noam Amdurski, a writer for “Kudos to Rabbi Rothschild for this undertaking.”

Nativ and its program has received approval of rabbonim all over the globe.

For more information, call 347.382.0216.

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  1. after a few days of using Nativ, I was extremely impressed by the service, and the technology.They were really accommodating and so helpful.I’ve tried so many other filters and services, and nothing worked the way I needed.
    Thank you Nativ for all your help, and especially for the encouragement.
    What they are doing for klal Yisrael is really unbelievable. Tizku l’mitzvos


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