Maternity Ward Mix-Up: Arab Mother Takes Jewish Baby


Last Sunday afternoon, a Jewish mother who had just given birth to a boy in Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem left her room to take her son from the ward’s nursery. Upon arrival, however, she discovered her son’s bassinet was empty, ARUTZ SHEVA reports.

Shaare Zedek staff began looking into the possibility that the baby had been kidnapped or switched by someone with another mother’s baby and taken off hospital premises.

After half an hour of relentless searching, the mother finally found her son in the arms of an Arab woman. The Arab woman, who had also given birth to a son in Shaare Zedek just a few days beforehand, was “amazed” to discover she had been taking care of a strange baby. The Arab woman’s baby had been left in the nursery when she took the Jewish mother’s son.

After the incident, Shaare Zedek worked to reassure the Jewish family, who insisted hospital staff evaluate the baby’s health and tell them whether their baby had been fed by the Arab mother in the meantime. Read more at ARUTZ SHEVA.


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  1. If the Jewish baby nursed from the Arab lady it is a big problem, namely the baby is not allowed to daven from the amud or have a pidyom haben. Please consult with a orthdox rabbim ASAP and receive a psak.

  2. Horrifying!
    I have to say, I had a baby in SZ a few years ago and I’m quite shocked that something like this happened. They were so so careful every single time I took my baby. Each baby has a tag on the wrist and ankle. Each time I took my baby from the nursery, they checked my bracelet, and both of baby’s tags to confirm that I had the correct baby. I can’t believe someone would take the wrong baby. Shocking!

  3. The facts do not check out the way this is written, I have given birth to four babies in SZ – you are not allowed to walk around holding the baby in arms outside of your room. So how is it that quote “Upon arrival, however, she discovered her son’s bassinet was empty”.

  4. I don’t understand why the mothers are picking up their babies, and where are the nurses??? Most nurseries have nurses around the clock and you ask for your baby and the nurse then hands you the baby. Maybe that hospital should be investigated, they are not following procedures on how to take care and protect babies, and one wonders what other things are happening in the nursery that are not safe for the babies. There truly should be an investigation into this, a serious one.

  5. To those who may not understand how Israeli hospitals work: 1. Noone brings the baby to you. You have to get up, trudge down the hall and get your baby yourself. 2. It’s not a shock to me that this happened (I have birth to all 4 of my children kah in SZ) but the nursery is so overwhelmingly noisy and they are so understaffed. Many of the nurses are tired and irritable because they are overworked. So yes, this is quite disturbing to be read but definitely not hard to believe.


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