Matanos L’evyonim Through Yad Eliezer



Purim is almost here. It’s a harbinger of Spring and along with it comes the incredible Mitzvah of Tzedakah that helps to define us as a nation.

On Purim we give money directly to those who are destitute so that they too can enjoy the day and its festivities.

We need your help! We need it to distribute MatanosL’evyonim to thousands of individuals and families who need your help.

Here’s some of them:

Mrs. Aini, who lives with her 3 children in an unheated caravan just beneath the Beitar hills.
Mrs. Pelech, who has to fend for herself and her children while trying to protect them from further trauma.
Eliezer Klein who is coping with a very sick wife and can no longer work because he needs to care for his children.
Ravital and her family, who have a very sick child and need to pay for a lot of his care because it is not covered on their underfunded insurance plan.

On Purim we give charity directly to the poor; to lift their spirits, and to allow them a breath of fresh air as prescribed by the Megillah.

Please donate generously. We need it to keep on doing what we do best – caring and feeding those who are the most vulnerable.

In the merit of this Mitzvah, may you be blessed with good health, with happiness and with the continued ability to care.

P   U  R   I   M      S   A   M   E   A   C   H   !   



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