Massive Coca Cola Recall in Israel


coca-colaCoca Cola Israel is removing another production run of 1.5 liter bottle from shelves after it already recalled two production runs on Monday.

The products being recalled are 1.5 liter bottles of Coca Cola and Diet Coca Cola, marked with a March 22, 2010 expiration date. Traces of benzene and sulfur were found in the drinks.

On November 23, Coca Cola announced that it is recalling 1.5 liter bottle of Coca Cola and Diet Coca Cola marked with March 18, 2010 and March 19, 2010 expiration dates because of a bad smell emanating from the product. Only later did Coca Cola inform the media that there was a quality deficit in the production run because of a malfunction in the company’s carbon dioxide supplier.

The Central Bottling Company (Coca Cola Israel) performed additional tests on the product. The results were received today. The company reported that “the results of the additional tests received by the company show that some of the bottles from this run contain minimal traces of benzene and sulfur compounds that originated in the carbon dioxide that was supplied to us. They do not present a health risk.

 “Most of the defective products were detected prior to going out to stores, and the vast majority of those that did go out have been collected from the supermarket chains and other stores.

“We again are asking consumers in possession of 1.5 liter bottles of Coca Cola and Diet Coca Cola marked with March 18 and March 19 expiration dates, and under the doctrine of caution also March 22, not to consume the product, but to contact consumer service at 1-800-587-587 for a replacement.

“Coca Cola Israel again apologizes for the inconvenience to the public, and thanks its consumers for their understanding and cooperation. As always, we will continue to do everything to ensure our loyal customers enjoy full satisfaction for the company’s range of products.”

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. It is well known though, that Coca Cola is one of the very, very worst (so-called) “foods” of our modern lifestyle. Three points about it:

    1.) The “table talk” is that if you put a human tooth in a cup of Coca Cola and leave it there over night, by the next day, the tooth will have totally disintegrated!

    2.) I well remember how in 1964, my fifth grade teacher remarked: “There are (only) TWO people in the world who know what is in Coca Cola, AND THEY DO NOT LET THEIR CHILDREN HAVE IT!!”

    3.) [In the Halachos of Kashrus, an item that comes from a forbidden source will only be forbidden to eat if that item is something that is eatable; it has to be what can be called a “food.” Now the minimal criteria for being able to call something a “food” is that it is “Roy L’Achilas Kelev” — it has to be at least something that a dog can eat.]

    In some “table talk,” I once heard someone relate the following story. At one point, Rav Eliezer Silver, ZT’L, was involved in the issue of giving a Hechsher — a certification of Kosher — on Coca Cola. So Rav Silver went to the officials of the Coca Cola company and, point blank, asked them what all the “secret ingredients” in Coke are, and they told him. At hearing what they told him, in his famous sharp humorous style, Rav Silver exclaimed: “THIS DOES NOT NEED A HECHSHER! IT IS NOT ROY L’ACHILAS KELEV!!”

  2. Reb Yisroel,

    How much did Pepsi pay you to write this?

    The tooth thing is a hoax (check out Snopes), as are a lot of other “urban legends” about Coke, that have given this wonderful beverage a bad name.

    There are many, many other foods that are “very, very worst foods of our modern [and not so modern] lifestyle”, some of which frum people indulge in more than Coke. Schnapps comes to mind.

  3. Just to let you know there are only 3 people that know ALL ingredients and about 7 others that eack know partil ingredients and the 7 people do not know what the other 6 know.

    The mashgichim are set mashgichim and hwent through FBI ground check and had their fingerprints taken and also had to sign papaers that they will never divulge anything they know in regard to Coca Cola.

    These are the facts and Rav Silver never knew and there are only a few individuals that know the ingredients.

  4. When I was a kid I did the tooth thing and after 4days my tooth turned coca cola brown and it is impossible to take the colour off (the tooth was one that fell out of my mouth)

  5. Reb Albert Einstein:

    That is an excellent question!!

    Of course though, the answer is that Pepsi DID NOT — I repeat: Pepsi DID NOT PAY ME ANYTHING to write what I just wrote!!

    On the contrary, we can very safely assume that Pepsi is just as bad as Coke and has its own “secret ingredients” that are just as bad as what is in Coke!


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