MARRIAGE MIRAGE: Chaifa Bais Din Annuls Marriage


In an unusual step, a bais din in Chaifa annulled the marriage of Oded Guez who has refused to divorce his wife G. for the past six years.

During the difficult case, Guez was subjected to extreme sanctions including the loss of his job as lecturer at Bar Ilan University after he was penalized with harchakos, which included not speaking to him, employing him or giving him any honor. His name and photo were publicized resulting in unprecedented shaming on social networks.

Guez fled overseas with a forged passport and was pursued in Cyprus, Ukraine, England and Belgium. After his recent arrest in Belgium, Israel’s Justice Department began steps to extradite him back to Israel.

But after hearing testimony from witnesses and reexamining the case, the bais din decided to annul the marriage retroactively after hearing new evidence that a witness at the couple’s wedding was non-observant.

{ Israel}


  1. Again? Just the other week you had a report where a marriage of a Yemenite woman was annulled. Is this the latest trend to permit agunas to marry?

    Arutz-7 had an article recently which would be worthwhile bringing up here:
    ‘Judges who abrogate agunah’s marriage unworthy of being rabbis’
    Rabbi Silman: ‘Anyone doing such a thing must know he moves to a different camp. As far as we’re concerned, he can’t be rabbi and Dayan.’

  2. From other sources:
    he Beis Din banned publication of the controversial decision and the reasoning behind it.
    In the notification about the ruling, the court said specifically that the marriage had been voided, in a decision made by a two to one majority of the three-man panel.

    So it’s not so clear cut that there was never any Kiddushin.
    I wonder why the details of the “hetter” remain confidential.
    Is it because they wouldn’t be able to withstand halachic scrutiny?

  3. The Teshuvos Chassam Sofer posits that got married in a public wedding, is an Eishes Ish, by force of “Anan Sahdi”.

      • I don’t know all the details, since they won’t release them. Why not?
        According to my sources, there was an EID ECHAD, that said that one of the eidei kiddushin was mechallel Shabbos in PRIVATE.
        Is that enough to permit an EISHES ISH to remarry???

    • And therefore you are going to permit an Eishes Ish to remarry without a Get?

      Why are the details of the “hetter” remaining confidential?
      Is it because they wouldn’t be able to withstand halachic scrutiny?


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