Mark Zuckerberg Used A Booster Seat To Testify Before Congress


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sat in a big-boy seat on Tuesday — as he used a height-boosting cushion during his grilling before the Senate.

The 5-foot-7 executive squirmed in a chair that included a 4-inch-thick pad under his behind while being blasted for hours with questions from lawmakers about his social network’s handling of user data.

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  1. Mr. Zuckerberg. How simple a booster to see congress. We need a booster to think of even your intermarriage being kept today. Its sadly a bad feeling for charity.

    In all Ezra 10 is always real and in effect all of bible we do know for intermarriage. They are the guilt of Israel and they must make confession. I wonder about his foreign wife. Will she be a different woman soon?

    Hard feelings regarding intermarriage are hard. We do not survive.


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