Many Kosher Food Prices Rise as Commodity Prices Soar


supermarketIt is no secret that kosher consumers have been paying more for items like beef, poultry, milk and cheese. The overall tab at the check-out counter may be as high as 15% more than it was a year ago.

Even chocolate is not immune as Mars and Hershey announced price hikes of 7 and 8%, respectively, to cover rising supply chain costs.

The cost of the cacao bean has risen 18% this year alone, due to a combination of poor yields from major suppliers and the growing demand for higher cocoa content in chocolate products.

The rising commodity costs and other raw materials have had their impact on foods in general, but kosher has also been victim to the sharply higher prices. In fact, many retailers claim that they have not increased prices to the level that the general market has. Food has become much more expensive all over the world and the US is no exception.


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  1. This is price gouging at its worst! This is one of the reasons why I ditched “Chalav Yisroel” years ago. I am sick and tired of being ripped off just because I’m a Frum Jew! Just watch, now they’ll give nuch a reason why they “must” “raise” the prices on Esrogim this year (even though its a Shmitta year)! Same for hand Matzos! All these “honest” LOL “sochrim” will have to give a din vicheshbon one day and it won’t be pretty! And the Kashrus symbol? How are we to know that its “truly” a Hechsher thatstamped on the items & NOT just piggybacking on one of those “modernisha” hechsherim

  2. Attention comment #1.
    Wow! What a way to talk. “Ditched cholov yisrael”. When a person goes and pours horses milk into your cholov stam milk we will all see who has to give a din vichesbon. For a person who necessitates to eat cholov stam for a reason like a location or medical or simply can’t afford or if it’s their minhag then they shud enjoy their hershy chocolates. But a person who ate cholov yisrael and stopped because he felt it was wrong that they charged more….. maybe buy a suit for 20$ cheaper and get some cholov yisrael…. really, the frum companies have a much smaller clientele. Stop being so cynical against your fellow brothers who are assisting u in keeping kashrus correctly.


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