Man Shoots Boss, Kills Himself At Dallas Office Building


A man who entered a Dallas office building Monday morning and shot his boss and then himself is dead, sources tell WFAA.

Multiple sources tell WFAA a man entered the office building, located in the 8300 block of Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway near US-75, and shot his boss before turning the gun on himself.

There was no immediate word on the victim’s condition. Ambulances were sent to the office building in the wake of the shooting.

SWAT officers were also at the scene late Monday morning. Read more at WFAA.



  1. I hate to say it, but some bosses today, bring it upon themselves. I worked in retail for many years and was treated like a shmata. I was stripped of all family life, davening, learning, etc… You’ve got to work 24/6. Can’t go to simchas. Can’t be home, like a mensch, for your family. Work every legal holiday, erev Yom tovim, purim, tisha be’av, etc… B”H I left that environment before I did something that I would of regretted. Unfortunately there are a lot of people that are going thru this, as we speak.


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