Man Shocks Family, Shul When He Gives His Daughter NINE Names


A man whose wife had recently given birth to a daughter was called to an aliya this past week and surprised the whole shul with the long stream of names he bestowed upon his newly birthed daughter.

“Leah Hinda Tzirel Malka Etya Shenia Chana Chava Toiba,” the shocked gabbai announced after the man told him the name he came up with. The astonishingly long designation reportedly came about when the family could not narrow down the list of names they wanted to give the child.

The man later regretted the stunt and went to Bais Din to shorten the lengthy moniker. The dayanim paskened that he should go to shul this Shabbos and get a second aliya where he will give the girl a new, shorter, name.



    • This was his ruach hakodesh obviously.
      The question is now that he does not have ruach hakodesh anymore, how does he know which shorter name to give?

  1. The yungerman is a zeesa yid! I know him well. He us not one to look to do shtick and play a game! He’s a serious guy who, seemingly, made a mistake! Thankfully there is recourse!

  2. It’s better to be meshoel aitza before doing things like this than to ask shailas to correct one’s errors.
    I cannot believe the rav of the shul let him do something like that without protesting. I can also not believe that rabbanim let fathers give their daughters names like “Yisraela” and “Yitzchaka”.

    • Which halacha invalidates Yisraela or Yitzchaka ? It would be nice for you to look into halacha instead of spouting your own made up Torah. Last I looked its called Toras Moshe.

  3. This is news? Seriously? Can’t wait for the next “breaking news” article:

    Man Shocks Shul With Seven Varieties of Herring At His Kiddush”
    – Brooklyn, NY
    Members of Congregation Khal HaChasidiim were shocked this past Shabbos when they found a whopping seven kinds of herring at a man’s yartzheit kiddush. Member Shloimy R. explained: “Usually there’s like only three types. Picked, Shtiglitz, and Schmaltz. Sometimes, if a guy’s a g’vir he’ll include Matjes. But this was mamesh crazy.”

    Reports say that the additional flavors were pepper crusted, jalapeño, and of course, spicy oneg.

    The sponsor of the kiddush has since apologized for the stunt and hopes people don’t follow his lead. “It’s difficult enough for yungermen to pay yeshiva tuition, he said, they don’t need the added pressure of having to buy more herring too.”

  4. To Anonymous:
    Some wanted to say there were really Eight there.
    Then I heard there was a huge debate, because towards the end of the Kiddush, someone mixed the MatJes with the Pepper Crusted. Some held that it’s a whole new identity; since neither names can describe it now, it needs a new name. Others were saying that at that stage there was no herring pieces left in the pepper crusted, only onions, so there was no Mamushus and ta’am was botul, even though it was Churif, because on the onions we would say ‘Mah Li Huchu, Mah Li Husum’. My Rov said that it is just the same two kinds in one bowl, and there is no Hispashtus because both are nosen Ta’am Lesh’vach, so each would be the other in an endless loop, so memeilah neither was Botul and the both co-exist.
    My son’s Yeshiva is kicking out anyone who holds “Same Two Herrings”; unless his Chavrusa holds “new Herring”, and can vouch that he can convince his friend by the end of Elul Z’man.

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