Man Glues Shut NY Parking Meters


nyc-meterA Bronx man has been accused of taking matters into his own hands when it comes to parking tickets. Police said that Doc Huang Do used super glue to bust parking meters at a lot in New Rochelle.

“These things would be up for like a day, and someone would break them. They’d be down for a couple of months, they’d be up for a day, and somebody would break them,” New Rochelle resident Rod Purdy told CBS 2′s Sean Hennessey on Tuesday night.

But Huang Do is keeping his mouth shut.

“I don’t say nothing,” said the suspect, who police believe was fed up with paying tickets.

“He got a number of summonses in the lot, so we’re inferring that he vandalized the machine in response to that,” said Capt. Joe Schaller of the New Rochelle Police.

Investigators said that on five separate occasions over the past year Huang Do took some kind of nail solution from his New Rochelle nail salon and gummed up the pay station slots.

“I think that’s kind of immature and irresponsible,” said resident Paulette Marshall.

After reviewing footage from a nearby surveillance camera police had found what they were looking for.

Huang Do was arraigned Tuesday, but declined to speak with CBS 2′s Hennessey.

“This is my business. Now you ruining my business,”Huang Do said. “I don’t know, I don’t say nothing.”

The disabled parking meters have caused some drivers to receive tickets.

“I couldn’t access the machines,” said resident Tim Curry.

And Vicky Escobar of Mahopac said, “I get ticketed all the time.”

Huang Do is believed to have caused $22,000 worth of damage to the machines. Police expect him to make some sort of restitution.

{CBS NY/ Newscenter}



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