Man Finds $500 Million In Checks At The Kosel


koselTalk about having your tefillos answered.

A man davening at the Kosel today found an envelope containing checks worth over $500 million.

The envelope was found on one of the stones of the wall where people customarily place kvitlach with tefillos.

The envelope contained over 500 checks from around the globe. Each check, according to sources, was made out for about $1 million. The checks – many of which Nigerian – were signed but were not made out to anyone.

The man who found them brought them to an attorney in Yerushalayim, who then passed them on to the Yerushalayim Police lost and found department.

Yerushalayim Police spokesperson Shmuel Ben Ruby says that police have begun an investigation to confirm whether the checks are genuine or not.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. “Talk about having your tefillos answered”

    Talk about a misleading statement! Another brilliant move by Matzav to try to get some hits! Fools!

  2. grow up- do you think this is for real? Nigerian bank, $1 million check – does that sound familiar? And the guy just forget $500 million dollars at the kosel? Yeah right, it is just foolish to report this.

  3. Nigerian?

    Sounds like the e-mail scams from people in Nigeria telling you that they have large sums of money for you, you just have to lay out some money for them, to cash the checks…

    Oy vey…

  4. Nigerian? $500 million?

    Let me help you with this one: No it’s not legitimate. Unless of course you’re planning to use the checks to purchase the Brooklyn Bridge.

  5. That’s probably the dividends the GMail spammer from Nigeria who won the lottery plans on giving all the lucky people who gave him their credit card numbers!!!


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