Man Distracted By Cellphone Walks Off Cliff


2F9CA30A00000578-0-image-a-40_1451109826984A man fell off a cliff to his death yesterday while apparently distracted by his cell phone.

Bill Bender with San Diego Lifeguards at Sunset Cliffs told NBC San Diego: ‘Witnesses stated seeing someone distracted by an electronic device and he just fell over the edge.(He) wasn’t watching where he was walking, he was looking down at the device in his hands.’

He was declared dead at the scene, the television station reported.

NBC San Diego reported the victim was in his thirties and plummeted 60 feet.

Bender told the NBC affiliate station, referring to three people who tried to assist: ‘They acted quickly, they found a way to get down the cliff.
‘They put themselves at jeopardy… They administered CPR to the person in attempt to save a life.’

The man’s device was possibly a phone or camera, according to NBC San Diego.




  1. A 60 ft cliff without a fence? Passers-by who see a man dangerously walking towards the cliff and intent in his phone and don’t bother shouting “Watch out, sir”? Smartphones are stupid, but blaming them for this tragedy is a bit too much.


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