Man Dies After Punch Knocks Him Off New York City Subway Platform

A 65-year-old man was killed Wednesday after being punched on a subway platform and knocked onto the tracks in Brooklyn, police said. Several bystanders are thought to have jumped onto the tracks to rescue the man, identified by family members as Jacinto Suarez, but he was later pronounced dead. Police are looking into whether he hit his head during the fall, as he was not struck by a train and did not come in contact with the electrified third rail.

The man accused of causing his death, an 18-year-old who’d reportedly been walking around ranting incoherently, could face murder charges if medical examiners determine Suarez’s death was a result of the apparently random attack. The teen suspect “was talking to himself” before he approached Suarez and later struck him after being told to go away, Vincent Coogan, assistant chief of the NYPD Transit Bureau, was quoted as saying by ABC 7 New York. Read more at ABC 7 NY.



  1. Rule #1 – Don’t stand near the edge of the platform.
    Rule #2 – Don’t engage in conversation someone ranting and raving to himself, and certainly never tell such a person to go away.


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