Man ‘Comes Back to Life’ in Ramat Gan


magen-dovid-adomAn 84-year-old man ‘came back to life’ in a Ramat Gan apartment this morning after he was pronounced dead by an MDA doctor, who had even issued a death certificate. During the night, police received a report from the owner of the apartment on Rechov Haroeh that he had not heard from the elderly man for several days and was therefore concerned about him. Police and MDA entered the apartment and found the man sprawled across the floor. Paramedics attempted to resuscitate him, but a short while later, they called a doctor to pronounce the man’s death. The doctor did so and filled out the death certificate.

Two forensics officers were summoned to the scene, and when one of the policemen already in the apartment approached the ‘dead’ man, he moved his hand.

The startled police officer checked him and found that he had a slight pulse. He then began to perform CPR on the man, while other police officers called back the paramedics, who evacuated the 84-year-old to Tel Hashomer’s Sheba Medical Center.

In response, the MDA issued a statement saying that the man had been found lying on his stomach with multiple secretions and maggots on his body, and that there was a stench of a decomposing body in the apartment.

“The man didn’t move, didn’t display any signs of breathing, he had blue stains of his body, which was also cold,” continued the statement. “The doctor therefore decided that, in light of all these signs, the man was dead.”

Nevertheless, the MDA said it had decided to set up a high-level inquiry committee which would present its findings in a few days.

“Until then, the team has been suspended from all medical activities,” the statement added.

{Yair Israel/Jpost/Haaretz}


  1. this is the second such insident in two weeks. stay away from MDA call Ichud Hatzolo. hatzolo should open their own org. frei people cannot be trusted with anything especially life


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