Man Caught Trying to Sell Stolen Shtreimel With Yid’s Name Inside


streimelOy vey, what a dumb crook. A thief’s plans to sell a chossid‘s stolen shtreimel hat backfired when he failed to notice that the owner’s name and phone number were marked inside, police said.

Robert Giuff, 38, tried to sell the shtreimel to a hat maker for $350 on Sunday after he stole it out of owner Moishe Horowitz’s car in Bushwick, Brooklyn, police said.

The shtreimel was worth about $2,200.

But the dealer, spotting the phone number inside, told the would-be seller that he needed to call an expert — and instead called the owner.

“I got a call from the hat store,” said Horowitz, 36, who immediately called the cops. “So I ran over right away. I felt very relieved.”

Horowitz said he had already made an appointment at another hat store to buy a new one.

Giuff pleaded not guilty to grand larceny yesterday. Through his lawyer, he said he had found the hat on a pile of garbage.

He was held on $7,500 bail.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}


  1. There is a similar story of a thief who tried to sell a pair of tefillin. The prospective buyer said “where is the third?” and offered $10 which the thief took. He then phoned the real owner.

    There is a story about an expensive streimel that was stolen in Lodz just before the wedding. The Alexander rebbe offfered a reward to the head of the Jewish mafia. He said “rebbe, if one of my hasidim stole it it will be returned for free. If one of yours stole it, forget it”.

  2. Reminds me of the classic story of a mugging victim who told the mugger that he has no cash, but would write a check. To who shall I make it out?
    To me, said the mugger, Robert Smith. Yes, they later got the genius.


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