Man Arrested At The White House Trying To Get President Trump’s Advice On Shidduchim


A man bearing two bottles of Crown Royal whiskey as gifts for President Trump entered a restricted area near the White House to seek the commander-in-chief’s help in finding a wife.

The suspect, identified by his Canadian passport as Yianny Georgopoulos, moved a bike rack marked “No trespassing authorized personnel only” and “Restricted area do not enter” about midnight Wednesday, NBC Washington reported, citing court documents.

Georgopoulos told a Secret Service officer he was there to see the president and deliver the booze to him — apparently unaware that Trump famously doesn’t drink alcohol. Georgopoulos also said he had traveled from Canada to speak with Trump because he wanted his help in finding a spouse.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. First take care of the dreaded age-gap crisis. It’s tearing apart our community. Hopefully the President can get involved.

      • 9:37, age gap is a problem only when there are rapid population changes. Goyim don’t grow at 4% a year, so it doesn’t change anything.

    • Libby, first take care of your dreaded arithmetic crisis. The shiduch crisis is happening strictly by American litvaks, not by chasidim or Israeli litvaks. Why? Because only American litvaks marry bochurim at 24 and girls at 19. As the frum population grows at 4% a year, this American litvak practice ensures that there are 20% more girls than boys on the shiduch market at any given time.


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