Man’s Personal Info Stolen After Using Obamacare Website


obamacare-websiteA Virginia man’s personal information has been stolen after he signed up for Obamacare on the website. Now, he’s questioning if the website is the reason why.

“There’s a possibility someone got my personal information from your website,” Virginia Beach resident Rich Guillory said in a video shot by WVEC-VA while speaking on the phone. “They knew my name and they had my number” – along with his address and social security number as well.

The day after he signed up on the website, he got a call from someone claiming they could help him with finding health insurance. When the call came in, he didn’t have time to talk.

However, they continued from two different Virginia Beach numbers. Guillory said he received about seven or eight calls before calling the number back. When he placed the call, a lady answered the phone and said she didn’t know what he was talking about. He then called the second number. The lady who picked up said this was about the fourth call she received like it.

The unknown person called Guillory once again. He answered and told them the number they were calling from is not legitimate. They hung up immediately.

“It’s easier than you think to make it look like you’re calling from a different number than you actually are,” Cyber Security expert Heather Engel told WVEC-VA. She also stated there could be a couple of reasons of why this is happening, and intrusion upon the website could be one of them.


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  1. non of us are safe anymore. all your info. is being looked at & conversations listened to.

    it used to be private, between you & hashem, & was supposed to stay that way, but we lost our yiras Hashem, so now we need these people & the NSA (agents of Hashem) were sent, to return us to this level of fear of Hashem.

    do you say parshas Hayirah every day after shachris? if not perhaps you should start


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