Mall Employee: Murdered Israeli-American “Saved My Life”


Hila Peretz, who works at a falafel shop at the Gush Etzion shopping mall, told Channel 10 on Monday that she saw Khalil Jabarin fatally stab Ari Fuld outside the shop after serving the Palestinian, Times of Israel reports.

“I served him falafel; his hand touched mine. He went out, walked away, and sat on the railing outside the pizza shop. He sat there for at least 40 minutes.” Then she “saw him pull out this big knife that was glimmering in the sun, and all of the sudden he plunged it into [Ari Fuld’s] heart” from behind.

Peretz said Jabarin began to run toward her with the knife drawn. She ran for her life. Security camera footage shows Fuld, with blood pouring down his back, chasing and shooting Jabarin. “The man that was killed really saved my life,” she said. Peretz’s husband, Moti, said, “[When Jabarin] saw her, he lifted the knife up to stab her. Just then…Ari got up…and started to chase him….Fuld saved her, and she owes him her life.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. and this happened shortly after he said מי יחןה ומי ימןת . as difficult as it may seem, we must have complete emunah in HaShem and we must know and appreciate Who is running the world even when dont understand. השמ יקום דמו

  2. When Ari Fuld ran after the terrorist after being stabbed 5 times, it wasn’t Ari’s body anymore. It can’t be medically possible to do that after being stabbed in a major artery. That was ari’s neshama. Ari was a defender for Am Yisrael. That’s who he will always be. Hashem Yimkom Damon. Ari will once again lead us when we merit the days of the Geulah. May it come speedily.


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