Malaysia Airlines Texts Families: There’s No Hope


malaysia7The prime minister of Malaysia announced on Monday that flight MH370 almost certainly went down in the Southern Indian Ocean, and that none on board survived.

The grieving families of those aboard the missing flight were sent text messages saying: “We have to assume beyond reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board have survived. We must now accept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean.” Read more at NBC News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Assumption is not proof. We still have no physical evidence of anything pertaining to the plane. I stick with Occam’s razor: Moslems the major players in all aspects of the event; no distress calls; sudden and complete disappearance. Conclusion: planned “hijacking” to prepared safe landing place (probably in Pakistan) and waiting for opportune time to tell the world what’s next. BTW: Pakistan has nuclear weapons.

  2. I am appalled by the cinism about those lives and those people, who may or may not have survived, who may or may not still be surviving in a remote area of the ocean best known for extreme sporting events and which is basically an empty wasteland otherwise. But there are satellite phones as well as satellite beacons – the latter fit inside a pocket. Ever tried to bring one of those in airliners’ cabin? It would likely be confiscated by “security”.


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