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eyal-naftali-giladBy Chaya Gitty Smith

There have always been things I thought I could never do. Not in a physical sense , more in an emotional and spiritual sense. That is, until about a month ago. On Pesach night, one of the more popular upbeat songs we sing is Dayenu. We remember all the wonderful and miraculous things Hashem has done for us and ask him “Dayenu”? Was it not enough that You freed us from slavery and took us out of Egypt. Was it not enough that You split the sea etc… The events of the past few weeks feel like a sad Dayenu song that Hashem is singing to us. Tragic, scary and painful things have been happening. We respond with introspection, extra mitzvos and an abundance of support for our fellow brothers. Hashem sees the effort we are putting in but asks us Dayenu. Is that really all you can give.

When the three precious neshamos were kidnapped, over night the country transformed. We stood together, prayed more, did everything we could for their safe return. For eighteen long and painful days we kept up the momentum. We composed songs, had mass gatherings of Tehillim, we pushed ourselves farther than we ever thought we could go. We did a tremendous amount. More than anyone thought possible. But Hashem said Dayenu. The news came out, on that monday night, that those three precious boys have returned to World of Truth. The tears shed that night, could have filled the oceans. The love and warmth sent to the three mourning families could have melted winter away. We did even more. Gave even more. Cared even more. But Hashem asked Dayenu.

Rockets started falling. Sirens started wailing. People started waking up their precious sleeping children to run for cover. Hundreds of rockets have been shot at cities all over Israel in the past few days. Soldiers are preparing for the dangerous mission of entering Gaza. Again, we as a nation, we act. We daven and cry. We stand together. We do what we can. We try our best. We look inward and give even more. Hoping that this time it will be enough. Hashem will not need to ask Dayenu.

There have always been things I thought I could never do. I have never been able to sit for an hour and just say Tehillim. I have never cried for a stranger. I have never had so much faith. I never thought I could care this much. I didn’t think it was possible to love this much. I love my people, I love my land more than I ever could have imagined. That is until a few weeks ago.

We are always putting limits on ourselves. We set our standards too low. We forget that we have the soul of a Jew. The limitless Jew. The depths of greatness we can reach, individually and collectively are infinite. The events of the past weeks is God speaking to us. Begging us to to understand the unlimited potential we have. Now as a nation we must listen to those messages. We need to break free from the limits we have put on ourselves. the voices that tell us that we cant must be silenced and replaced with shouts of “I CAN!” We must believe that we will succeed! We must always be looking for ways in which we can grow and uplift those around us. So that we, as a united and strong people, can greet Moshiach. We will then be able to turn to Hashem in joy and sing Dayenu.

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  1. Wow! Maybe we really dont know our limit! Maybe we really have to push ourselves harder than ever! thank you so much for the artice!

  2. amazing. we need more people in klal yisroel like you who understand the depth of each tzelem elokim and the amazing potential of each and every jew. this article should be posted around eretz yisroel and america. the alter of slabadka says the most important thing to know in your life is the value and greatness of the tzelem elokim of yourself and everyone. this can be a life changing article.


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