Maine Officials Deny PETA Request To Erect Gravestone In Memory Of Lobsters Who Died In Truck Crash


Police said 7,000 pounds of live lobsters were destroyed, and it’s suspected more than 4,500 lobsters died, according to the Portland Press Herald.

PETA had hoped to erect a 5-foot gravestone to memorialize the “countless sensitive crustaceans” who were killed during the Aug. 22 crash in Brunswick, the animal rights group said.

However, Maine Department of Transportation officials said they had to turn down the request, citing safety concerns and regulation rules for busy highways like Route 1, where the crash occurred.

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  1. There must be some commemoration
    For this roach-like gross crustacean
    A solemn stone at which we’ll pause
    And think about those snapping claws
    Keep them out of wicked traps
    May the cruel lobster trade collapse
    Poor, poor lobsters, keep them safe
    From goyish teeth (to us they’re treif)

  2. We need to errect a huge hot air baloon monument in recognition of all those PETA members who destroyed & lost their mind. PITY.

  3. PETA ideology is not just an idiotic joke. It equates humans and animals, thereby allowing for certain animals to be more important than certain humans – Hitler style. PETA is a genocide waiting to happen.

  4. .מי שמרחם על אכזרים בסוף לתאכזיר על רחמנים. Seems to apply here. They are so worried about some creature, that now they will be cruel to people(which we all know the story of Rubashkin, &how it really was PETA behind everything, & how they destroyed him and his whole family’s life for 10 years)

  5. and caused nabisco hundreds of thousands of dollars to redesign the animal crackerds box. peta is the one who is crackers and the world is following closely behind them as we all tontz noch zei

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