Photos: Main BMG Coffee Room Closed as Zeman Begins


bmg-coffee-room[Photos below.] As the Elul zeman gets underway today, the main coffee room at Beth Medrash Govoha, North America’s largest yeshiva, is closed, with construction taking place.

The tiles of the coffee room were removed several weeks ago due to leakage and other problems, and brand new tiling is currently being placed on the floor of the room, which is located in the Israel Henry Beren Hall building of the yeshiva, adjacent to the dining room and the Ateres Bracha Bais Medrash.

While the work is being done and some electrical repairs are being performed, the room, which has three entrances, is locked. The refrigerators and soda machine normally located in the room have been moved to the nearby dining room in the interim.

See below for photos:

{ Newscenter}


  1. Is this the most important thing to report? How about the shteiging that goes in in all the fantastic chaburos?

    Forget the coffee. Let’s focus on the limud hatorah of this torah citadel.


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