Mail Thieves Caught in Wesley Hills, Monsey


mail-boxMail thieves have been busted in Rockland County.
In the Wesley Hills section of Monsey, cops say they caught two men taking mail out of mailboxes with metal cooking tongs. When the car was searched, Detective Lieutenant Brad Widell says they found hundreds of opened letters and checks sorted. “I don’t think it was their first night,” said Weidel.

Weidel says the small checks were cashed in Rockland County, but the larger ones were sent to Israel.

“They never even worried about the names on the check. Banks didn’t even necessarily examine whether the checks were made to the particular account holder or not. They just deposited them,” said Weidel.

The two men who are from Brooklyn, now face a whole list of charges, including criminal possession of stolen property.

{CBS Broadcasting/ Newscenter}


  1. I don’t think it’s so bad , as long as their wives cover their hair and their daughters are tznius and they wear a hat when they daven. From reading frum sites for a while, it seems that this is all the educational system for frum people is concerned with.

    Wake up you hypocrites! Your yiddsishkeit is a fake! The things that really count are emes and honesty. everything else is secondary.

  2. Relax a little Zalman. 1. You cant decide that “only” emes is important. Tznius is important, Tefilah is important Limmud Torah is important and so is emes and dina demalchusa.

    2. I have been through the normal yeshivos. We learnt about many aspects of our life duties Orach Chaim/yoreh Deah but very little about Choshen Mishpat. We learnt Chofetz Chaim but not Sefas Tomim or Ahavas Chessed. This is not to blame the yeshivos and kollelim but just to focus why it is now so important that this is rebalanced so that when we leave yeshiva we are aware of all aspects of being a Yid.

  3. Unfortunately they were Jewish. TV reports had pictures of them wearing yarmulkas. theye were israel I believe. either way, it is pathetic but at least matzav has the brains not to publish it like some others

  4. I agree with number 4.
    Emes is important, but just because someone is nizhar with emes, does not give a heter to violate tznius or tefilla.
    So those who need chizuk in emes should do so, and those that need chizuk in tefilla or tznius, or anything else should do so.
    No use for anyone to go around with the holier than thou atitude. Everyone should be mechazek in his area that needs improvement.

  5. Zalman,you are the hypocrite here’s why. When you see frum people doing the right thing and care about Jewish and non Jewish law all accross the board you wont commend them. How many thousands of G-d fearing Jews are out there that are so particular on honesty to Tznius and everything else in between. Just because there are those that fall into the trap of the Yetzer Hora, it gives you no right to trash people that care about things that you obviously dont care about.Who are you to determine that everything else is secondary? How about everything is primary, from honesty to Tznius and to Hilchos Shabbos. You are the one that should wake up and look at the positive in klal yisrael and all their accomplishments and not dictate to us that honesty is the only aspect to be particular in Judaism and throw every thing else on the back burner.

  6. Obviously Zalman and people other like him feel uncomfortable when people are nizhar in tzniyus and tefila- so rather than step up to the plate and live life with a little more ruchniyus- it’s easier to bash everyone who has a black hat and peyos, or women who button up their top buttons. This way he can lead a less ruchniyus life while feeling very smug and important that all is better in Hashem’s eyes, when of course it is not so!
    The Torah has many halachos and we have no right to belittle any of them. We each have what to work on-whether it is tzniyus, davening, tefila, or emesdik dealings- but NONE are exclusive to the others!!!

  7. so now ZALMAN, r u like the goyim Chas veshalom, who see one frum (if thats what they are) do something bad, u call all frum ppl. bad ppl. ?

  8. What a bunch of dummies that work for the bank! They didn’t notice that the names didn’t match up? Were they repremanded?

  9. To Katzav,

    I love your comment about other sites.
    I would also like to ask our sites, please don’t be our prosecutors we have enough.

    p.s. MATSEV always has the best understanding when
    it comes to difficult situations, they don’t jump on us.


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