Maggid Shiur Sues Photographer


A court ordered a photographer to pay 35,000 shekels to a maggid shiur for using his photo for commercial purposes. Rav Avigad Ben Sa’adon, maggid shiur at the Porat Yosef Yeshiva in Yerushalayim, was photographed in 2011 as he was passing a poster of a woman in tears that had been put up in protest against gender-separation. The photograph was subsequently used by Maariv and its website for articles about the topic.

Rav Sa’adon sued the photographer and paper for 400,000 shekels in damages, arguing in court that the photo denigrated him by associating him with the contentious topic and constituted an invasion of his privacy. Justice Ronit Pinchuk-Alt rejected his claims but ordered the photographer to pay him 35,000 shekels for using him as the subject of the photo.

In 2002, an Israeli court ordered a photographer and Haaretz to pay a chareidi man 20,000 shekels in damages after the photographer published a photo of him adjacent to an immodest poster. The Tel Aviv Regional Court subsequently accepted an appeal of the photographer and Haaretz that such a precedent would expose every newspaper photographer to litigation if the subject of a photo felt he was denigrated.

{ Israel News}


  1. This is great news, finally. It’s a shame he couldn’t get even more. The filthy evil wicked media, which is today’s erev raav, must be destroyed. The sick media always tries to paint Frum ehrliche Yidden in a bad light. May all of the disgusting media have a maapala.


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