Mafioso Fugitive Grants Wife Get


In a dramatic undercover operation, the Israeli Rabbinate located an Israeli/Russian mafioso who had fled from Israel after serving a five-year sentence and persuaded him to grant his wife a get.

Sued for millions by a guard he once wounded during a robbery and pursued by mafiosos for old debts, the man had fled to a remote town in Russia 400 miles from Moscow.

Following his tracking down, a Rabbinate representative arrived at his door with the refugee’s wife and daughter, a sofer and two kosher witnesses and ordered him to fulfill a promise he made to divorce his wife once he left prison.

He initially refused but succumbed after being threatened with the public disclosure of his address.

{ Israel}


  1. The recent articles regarding unscrupulous individuals who are magen their wives r’l are hair-raising and deserve attention. ORA and Sister to Sister (S2S) exist for that purpose.

    We need a media outlet to tell the other side of the story. That of women abusing restraining orders and utilizing police and arkois r’l to take children, financially bankrupt and destroy their husbands.

  2. No Benyamin, because every Benai Yisrael “really wants to do the right thing” the Talmud authorizes even extra-judicial corporal beatings by a shaliach of a beit din. Moshe son of Maimon in his Yad Chazaqa “Mishna Torah” also brings this down. The threats were nothing compared to what halacha permits.

    When we had strong Beitai Dinim, there were many less Agunot. Kudos to these Chachamim that literally went the extra mile!


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