Maduro Will Step Down Soon Enough, Former Venezuela Opposition Leader Says

Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Carlos Becerra

For members of Venezuela’s democratic underground, it’s just a matter of time before Nicolas Maduro, the country’s socialist dictator, is forced to step down.

“Civil society is no longer supporting Maduro, and bureaucrats are no longer doing what the government wants them to do,” said a longtime opposition leader who served time in jail for helping his countrymen vote.

As countries around the world followed the US example and continued to demand that Maduro make way for Guaido, opposition leaders are now holding secret meetings with envoys from Russia and China — countries that still support Maduro — to ensure that their investments will be protected once the dictator is ousted, the activist said.

Last week Reuters reported that senior US government officials are in direct talks with the country’s military to convince them to back Guaido, who has offered soldiers amnesty to work against the Maduro government.


Read more at NY POST.



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