Maduro Seeks Talks With Obama


venezuelan-president-nicolas-maduroIn a news conference on Friday night, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro invited President Barack Obama to join him in talks to “put the truth out on the table” and aim to resolve the problems between the two countries.

Maduro called for a “high-level dialogue” that would inevitably be “difficult and complex” until the U.S. accepts what Maduro called “the full autonomy and independence of Latin America.”

Earlier on Friday, Venezuela revoked the accreditation of three American journalists sent to cover opposition marches because of what Maduro called “hostile coverage.” Read more at BBC.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. This is a huge accomplishment for Obama! His administration has been hostile to the Venezuelan regime ever since he took office and they are finally crying “uncle”. We should all support the President in continuing his hard line policy here so that this evil regime can be replaced with one that cares about all of Venezuela’s citizens (including its Jews).

  2. “Maduro sounds like a nut case!”

    He and his predecessor Chavez are too dangerous to be dismissed as simple nutcases. In addition to being an anti-American admirer of Fidel Castro, Chavez was a first class anti-Semite who has persecuted Venezuela’s small Jewish community. Maduro has continued Chavez’s policies even though he claims Jewish ancestry.

  3. Nice try, #4; however, it was Maduro that invited Obama.

    Also, if Maduro wants to talk to Obama, then why would he want to meet with someone trying to oust his regime?

    Finally, in what way has Obama been so “hard line” with Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro? Exactly why are the Venezuelans now crying “uncle”?

    Remember that in 2009, Obama could not wait to kiss Chavez’ feet. And in 2013, Obama sent a delegation to attend Chavez’ funeral. Hugo Chavez and now Nicolas Maduro, both socialist revolutionary dictators, are responsible for dismantling any shred of democracy left in Venezuela.

    Obama admires socialist revolutionaries such as Chavez, Maduro, Raul Castro, Daniel Ortega — all of whom Obama has been in a hurry to be cordial with. Remember that in 2009, Obama accepted Chavez’ anti-U.S. book.

    Hard line policy on Venezuela? Not hardly.

    #4, you really know how to spin some nice yarns for your buddy, Obama!


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