Madison Square Garden Joins Growing Number of Sports Arenas with Kosher Fare


madison-square-gardenNew York – For many years, the management of Madison Square Garden refused to join the other sports arenas in the New York areas by offering kosher fare to its fans despite pleas from the loyal kosher adherents who attend, including season ticket holders to Knicks and Rangers games. Now it appears, a renovated MSG has selected Carlos & Gabby’s to provide the kosher fare to sports fans. That should also be good news for Knicks star Amare Stoudemire, who eats kosher food.

Carlos & Gabby’s is a Mexican glatt kosher restaurant that has made its mark in such neighborhoods as Cedarhurst, Main Street in Queens, and Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn.

Adam Kay, founder of C&G and owner of the 5 Towns and Queens location, while confirming that he was indeed chosen by MSG, refused to give  any further details. But sources say that C&G will have a noticeable presence along with other new food vendors at the $850 million renovated arena. It appears that the MSG management finally recognized that it was the only arena in the area not to provide the kosher fare.

In addition to Yankee Stadium and Citifield, kosher food is available at the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing, Prudential Center in Newark, NJ (New Jersey Devils – Hockey – NHL), Keyspan Park in Brooklyn, (Brooklyn Cyclones) , Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ (New Jersey Nets – Basketball – NBA), and Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ (New York Giants / New York Jets – Football – NFL).

Kosher food is also available in major sports arenas in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Miami, Toronto, and Boston.

The Miami Herald recently featured a front-page story on the regular “minyan” during the Florida Marlins home games at the kosher stand.

{Kosher Today/ Newscenter}


  1. I’m sorry but this is no reason to rejoice
    There is a serious shaila of the permissible premise to attend these events.
    ????????? ?? ???? or ?? ???? ???? ????
    But today nobody is allowed to say the truth for fear of causing kids to go off the derech. So now we have kosher food at a game
    Amazing just like the Romans ! Wow now we can fel like everyone else amazing!!

  2. I’m a big fan of C&G’s and am very happy to see their success.

    On a factual note, MSG never held out on having a kosher stand. Mendy’s was in MSG a few years back.

  3. There certainly was Kosher food available at certain Knicks and Rangers games (provided by Mendy’s but it was not available for every game.

    The article forgot the Islanders that also have kosher food available.

    That is a pretty high percentage of Marlin fans that are frum. Out of only a couple of hundred fans they have a minyan. The must count those ganovim Jeffery Loria and David Samson part of the minyan.

  4. anonymous, 7:47 = I would rather my kid go to a football or basketball game and eat kosher there, than he look for treif entertainment.

  5. This ends Rav Kahane’s vort. He said that a big test of one’s emuna is going to a doubleheader at Yankee Stadium (he was a big Yankees’ fan) and knowing you can’t eat the franks.

    Regarding the kashrut of the entertainment, some people need to relax or they will go crazy. Moreover, team sports teach the value of team play while keeping one’s individuality.

  6. I used to attend Nick games. Maybe you can tell me the heter to sit with 1/2 drunk goyim and prutzkes screaming profanity not to mention other stuff

  7. #13,
    A few points:
    1) reread what I wrote I didnt say it was muttar.
    2) I dont have to tell a hetter it is muttar until you point out an issur. (which you may very well have done)
    3) All i said was it has nothing to do with ubechukoseihem. Ubechukoseihem doesnt asser doing what goyim do. Goyim wear pants, wearing pants isnt assur. simmilarly saying goyim attend sports games doesnt make it an issur of unbechukosehem (though, again their may be other issurim)
    hope this helps

  8. #16: here are some issurim.
    — bittul Torah
    — bittul zman
    — kirkasaos veteatraos
    — moshav leitzim
    — consorting with goyim
    — non-separate seating
    — if you’re playing: ubechukoseihem
    — if you’re playing: midarchei haemori(so paskened in RBS)
    Maybe somehow a Jew can work around all those, but to cobble together a heter in the midst of all these issurim doesn’t make sense.


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