Video: Maccabeats Releases “The Purim Song”


maccabeats-purim[Video below.] Following its hugely successful Chanukah-themed hit, “Candlelight,” the Maccabeats have released its latest single, “The Purim Song,” just in time for the upcoming Yom Tov. The song tells the story of Purim.

“The last video exceeded our wildest expectations,” said Maccabeat Immanuel Shalev of “Candlelight,” which drew more than 4.7 million views on YouTube and garnered national media attention. “We’re touring the country, we’ve been on radio and TV, but the most rewarding thing about this whole experience was being able to tell the Chanukah story to millions of people. Jews who haven’t lit a menorah for years went out and bought Chanukah candles, and non-Jews who may not have known the story were interested in learning more.”

Shalev, who graduated from Yeshiva College in 2008, hopes the Maccabeats latest music video-filmed and edited by fellow YU graduate Uri Westrich-will accomplish something similar with the Purim story, “which is less known, but definitely not less important.”

The Maccabeats, Yeshiva University’s all-male a cappella group, formed in 2007 and released its first album, Voices from the Heights, in March 2010.

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{Noam Newscenter}


  1. this kind of rock music. coming & sneaking into jewish homes & Yiddishe lives is bringing Klal yisroel lower & lower in Yiddishkeit & bringing us closer & closer to the goyim every day.

    If this doesn’t stop now, soon it will be too late. theres not too much lower we can go before we are gone C”V

  2. Well said moish, weve all read in the megillah how Haman planned to have some yidden make a music video about purim. You are clearly quite a well thought out individual. Unless of course you lain a different megialh than the rest of klal yisroel

  3. quit being a haiter Moish. They obviously did it to make a kiddush hashem and spread the story of purim. haman, ha right.

  4. Very very nice video! Beautiful home! It must be in Lawrence or the 5 Towns, lecheorah. I didn’t see any matonos lievyonim handed out, though.

  5. WOW! The message of Purim is Achdus, since Haman Harasha wanted to kill all Yidden
    But, obviously, if this video bothers you, then ya know what? Yes indeed, Haman won.

  6. Haman did not win bec. we are alive.Haman wanted to kill us all. however you could say the yovonim won bec. the greeks were all about their theaters,staidiums,etc. and yet thes macabeets go make a song about chanukah and put it on youtube.

  7. If ya don’t like it, don’t watch it buddy. Don’t bring it into your yideshe home if you don’t want to…no one is forcing you, I promise.

  8. These “Haman Won” and “Wake Up Call” comments are self-righteous, smug, and downright sad. So much negativity here, typing meanspirited comments behind your little pseudonyms and first names.

    Their music might not be for us in the oilam-hayeshivos but you better believe their songs are resonating with many not-yet-frum-yiddishe-neshamos, giving pride in their Yiddishkeit and inspiring them to look further in to Chanuka and Purim.

    May we look for and see the good.

    A freilichin Purim.

  9. Right on #14.
    Everything has to be taken in context. These songs give a lot of Jewish pride to people who really need it, and plant seeds in their minds that, hey, Orthodox Jews might actually be from the same planet as they are.

    The Maccabeats’ songs are not targeted at the yeshivishe and chassidishe oilem.

    And, if I may add my two cents – it is no worse, and IMHO a lot better, than the rock and dance and techno music coming from “heimishe” and “hymishe” sources. Hameivin yavin.

  10. All you guys out there that see and speak negative about anything that is not exactly as you like it or that runs exactly down your type of taste is already out pasul bringing a churban.

    Like come on get a life why does everyone have to run their lives YOUR way if you don’t like it don’t watch it and for sure don’t post your garbage.

    This comment is especially written to numbers 3 & 5 STOP making machlokes be mekabel another jew the way he is.

    Moshich is going farther away because of people like you.

  11. I’m confused, how does Moish justify his internet access, why isn’t youtube blocked on his computer?? Why is he reading this site?

  12. “Well said moish, weve all read in the megillah how Haman planned to have some yidden make a music video about purim”
    THANK YOU YANKEL-I had to laugh out loud at your comment! You’ve made my day!
    Like it or not, it is the nature of golus that our enviornment affects us – and our music. Jewish music – and nigunnim used in davening or as zemiros – reflects the culture from which it came.

  13. All of you are fighting about a stupid song, if you dont or do like it, you dont have to blabber about it to the whole world, keep it to your self!

  14. What kind of name is Trolly McTrollerson. seriously man…you don’t even deserve to post anything. But I think we should definately block youtube from moish’s computer.

  15. I personally liked the candlelight video. That was really cool even though the song didn’t have a point. It basically said the story in one paragraph and then went on to other off the subject stuff. But the reason the song was so popular was because the sobg was based on dynamite. The purim song was based on r a realy trashy song. The purim song’s main singer was too modern, though. The whole purim song was too modern.

  16. all of u just stop arguing if u watched it u watched it . if u think its wrong keep it 2 ur self and stop being negative if u liked it yay (sarcasm) at least ur not negative .

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