Luna Park Opens in Coney Island To Rave Reviews


luna-parkThousands of New Yorkers are celebrating the Memorial Day weekend at the grand opening of Coney Island’s Luna Park.

The highly anticipated amusement park opened over the weekend after a slight delay.

Twelve of the 19 rides are running. Seventeen are expected to be open today.

Officials say a few last minute touches still need to be made. But so far, rides are getting rave reviews.

“I think it’s cool because it’s new and everything and every ride is free for an hour,” said one Luna Park visitor.

“This park is excellent. We have great weather and it’s a great place to be today in New York,” said another.

The new amusement park, built by Italian development company The Zamperla Group, was constructed in just 100 days — a miraculous feat some thought would be impossible.

“We unloaded 1,800 trucks, we got 200 inspections from the building department to prove how good we built this park, how safe it’s going to be,” said Alberto Zamperla of The Zamperla Group.

The park will be open through Memorial Day. It will then close for a few days next week to make those finishing touches.

{NY1/Noam Newscenter}



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