Lufthansa Sues Passenger For Using ‘Hidden City’ Travel Hack


Germany’s largest airline is suing a penny-pinching passenger — in a first-of-its-kind lawsuit — because he ditched his flight at a layover city to save some cash, according to reports Tuesday.

The precedent-setting case exposes the travel industry’s disdain for the so-called “hidden city” hack— in which passengers book flights with their final destination as a layover point to avoid the higher cost of non-stop flights, CNN reported.

An unnamed male passenger booked a round-trip Lufthansa Airlines flight from Oslo to Seattle with a layover in Frankfurt in April 2016. The passenger skipped out on the connecting flight in Frankfurt, and hopped a different plane to Berlin.

Lufthansa airlines is now demanding $2,385 — the full cost of the flight with interest. The company claims the move is a violation of their terms and conditions, according to the court papers.

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