Lower Manhattan Ready To Fight Over 9/11 Trial


9-11-suspectsResidents of lower Manhattan are voicing their objections to the terror trials set to take place in federal court. And as CBS 2 HD found out last night, they want the attorney general to move the trials out of their backyard.

“Don’t make us like prisoners, like the prisoners that are going to be the house of detention over here on the Lower East side. There the terrorists,” Vincent Imbrosciane said.

Lower Manhattan residents say they’ve been through enough pain after the Sept. 11th attacks. Last night their local community board voted to go straight to Attorney General Eric Holder with demands to move the 9/11 terror trials out of their neighborhood.

“Last week we had sharpshooters from the NYPD come and ask whether they could use our roof for an outpost for two to three years. Now imagine your roof being used as an outpost for sharpshooters. The trials do not belong in lower Manhattan,” Danny Chen said.

“Who has any real faith that any amount of security can keep out every crazed, individual, suicide bombers bent on making a statement with our lives?” Henry Chang said.

Members of Community Board 1 say in their demands to the Attorney General that they’re not asking for a military tribunal. They’re just requesting the trial be relocated from the Federal Courthouse in Lower Manhattan.”

Their first recommendation is Governors Island, but not everyone is on board.

“We’ve done a lot of work to secure Governors Island as a place for recreation and cultural facilities,” Community Board 1 member Allan Tannenbaum said. “Having the terror trials there would turn it into Alcatraz East.”

“We’re asking him to look for an example, not only at Governors Island, but military installations that are in the Southern District. You could easily deputize those as a federal courthouse by having a federal judge preside,” Community Board 1 Chairperson Julie Menin added.

“The Mayor, without even looking into it said no. He called it the dumbest idea. But we all know the dumbest idea is holding that trial in our community,” said Board member John Fratta.

Some lower Manhattan residents said that by being forced to relive the pain of 9/11 and take on the security risks of the trial, they’ll be victimized yet again.

The NYPD estimates the multi-year trial of alleged terror mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed to cost more than $200 million a year in security.

{WCBS-NY/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. It is an outrage that all Americans
    loathe. For advocating such lunacy, Obama
    should be impeached. (Obama is not the only
    one. Schlemeel Schumer and Rebbetzin Gillibrand, the two New York Senators, are
    also in favor of this meshugas.) Even Blumberg
    understands this is nutty. As a businessman,
    Blumberg correctly understands the costs for
    proper security are prohibitive. But it’s more
    than all the money that will be misspent to
    guard against these Jihad war criminals.
    Giving these miscreants a jury-trial on American soil is offensive to all decent Americans.

  2. “Giving these miscreants a jury-trial on American soil is offensive to all decent Americans.”

    Offensive? That’s the way our system works. We give people the right to a fair trial. Innocent until proven guilty. These are fundamentals of our system.


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