Louis Farrakhan Compares Hillary To Black Community’s Hitler


Louis Farrakhan railed against Hillary Clinton during a sermon this past Sunday, The Daily Caller reports.

The Nation of Islam leader first commended Donald Trump for taking away power from the media.

“You don’t even realize that you [the media] are no longer in power,” he stated. “Can’t you see you’ve failed?”

Farrakhan then turned his focus towards the Democratic nominee.

“My dear brothers and sisters, this is serious,” Farrakhan told his congregation. “Her husband and Joe Biden were the authors of the crime bill that put tens of thousands of black brothers and sisters in prison. Mrs. Clinton backed the crime bill and then called our young people super predators. Of course she apologized, but just a minute. See Hitler could’ve said to the Jews after Auschwitz, ‘I’m so sorry.’ Would that be enough to satisfy you?”

The Daily Caller



  1. obama. when he became president he had the opportunity to bring pride to the black community. instead, he has demeaned them. instead of showing what an education and hard work can accomplish, his emphasis has encouraged rioting, vandalism, killing cops, destroying property–the list goes on and on

    • Why not? He happens to be a good looking man.
      Regardless of what you think about him, he is definitely right about this issue. People are starting to wake up and realize the media is our enemy, out to destroy us. They are not our friends. They are the sitra acher. The DNC controlled media are very evil in G-d’s eyes. They are as evil as they were in Noach’s generation. They promote and encourage terrible sins, like same gender marriage and the wanton murder of children. Learn this week’s Parsha thru and thru. It doesn’t end well.

  2. # 5: Vote for hellary liary. Farakahn is telling the truth about Corrupted Hellary Liary while despicable Duke in is crooked mind, totally misinterprets Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, in hope to take a ride on it in what HE thinks it means and he was quickly denounced by the trump campaign.
    Are you still doubting?

  3. Vote Hillary. She has more wagered humor than Trump has beat and humor.

    The faith of Farrakhan is non-existent. So don’t worry, she might put him in jail before Trump even puts his cloak on to wage that the good wine is his own.

    Seriously, what do you call a yid that supports Trump? Answer- Code Pity.

    Its that bad.


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